This site introduces the ballpoint pen that I made mainly
The brand name of a ballpoint pen is HSB
HSB is the acronym of "Hara ga Senban detukutta Ballpoint pen"
Ballpoint pen are made by a small lathe
I wanted a unique ballpoint pen
Heavy, cool, one thing in the world that it last for a lifetime
For a long time I did not know how should we do
One day, I came across a lathe in a DIY store
I was struck by lightning, brought back home a lathe
After one year, the first issue of my ballpoint pen has been completed
Metal brass and nickel silver
Wood Ebony,Red sandalwood,Bombay black wood,Blood Wood,Cocobolo,Palo Santo,Snake Wood,etc
Horn Buffalo and deer
Refill Mainly zebra japan TypeF and Type4C
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